The ICT in Education Programme of UNESCO Bangkok is proud to host the Asia-Pacific Education Community portal (EC). This site serves as the main platform for UNESCO’s workshops on Project-Based Learning (PBL), with the purpose of facilitating telecommunications and collaboration across spatial and temporal boundaries.

The EC portal enables educators from around the world to network with one another, seek and share advice, and join or form groups to work together on international projects. It is a free resource accessible to all involved with education.

What you can do

The portal provides a series of interactive forums where all can share their opinions, discuss topics, and request information. Participants can request guidance on best practices in the classroom, finding online resources, developing solid research-based pedagogy, problem-solving educational issues, and more.


Participants are able to review and exchange teaching materials, such as lesson plans, training guidelines, and toolkits, through UNESCO’s online offerings as well as resources developed by fellow educators.

The groups function allows users to join existing communities as well as create new meeting spaces for like-minded individuals to share experiences and resources. Participants also benefit from the possibilities of expanding their networks, publicizing events, meeting interesting people, and building partnerships.

As partnerships are built through the forums and groups, participants use the cloud-computing document editor, live chat, and file exchange features to develop projects and lessons.

It’s Alive!
The portal is designed to be dynamic in nature; users are thus able to upload content and request changes to provide a more fulfilling and useful online experience.