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Oklahoma vs. UCLA NCAAF Pick – Week 3

24/12/2019 in KFIT

Jalen the Oklahoma Sooners take their show on the road into the Rose Bowl to Get a Saturday night matchup from the UCLA Bruins.

Oklahoma have made waste into South Dakota Coyotes and the Houston Cougars up to now. It is not likely to be at all if any, although I’d love to state that their rivalry level will get kicked up a notch against Chip Kelly this past week. Since Chip is currently fighting to get the ball moving in his tenure, houston is a much better team than UCLA at this point. I think a great deal of people thought that he was going to return to college and assemble a deadly offense.
That hasn’t been the case, because there were plenty of growing pains for him and the crime. Nothing was able to interpret as though it did in Oregon. That very well might be a consequence of the personnel at UCLA. He hasn’t had time get and to amuse his own guys in there. Kelly was hired at the 2017 season’s conclusion, so we’re likely to need to give him a minute to find out what he can with his own recruits.
Then he likely isn’t going to have a task with UCLA, if there are no improvements with this crime in a few decades. It could come that if the Bruins are showing no symptoms of small improvement, however. Competing in matches against teams that are decent would be a fantastic beginning. Losing to Cincinnati and San Diego State isn’t competing. Cincinnati are not a bad team and dropping to them is not the worst, however the San Diego State reduction in the home is inexcusable.
The schedule is simply getting more difficult from here. Following Oklahoma, the Bruins have Washington State and Arizona nextto All 3 seem like auto losses, which attracts UCLA’s record . We are going to see how much patience AD Dan Guerrero is with Chip. They’re going to find it tough to include Jalen Hurts in this one, if they believed San Diego State was tricky.
Do not come ready and UCLA are likely to have smacked in primetime. It’s crucial that Dorian Thompson-Robinson gets heading at quarterback for UCLA. Thompson-Robinson find a way to slow Hurts and gets into a rhythm, and they have a shot at the upset. That’s asking an awful lot, however. Head below for our free Oklahoma vs. UCLA pick.
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Following a Heisman Trophy and much more for Oklahoma this year, jalen Hurts is. Hurts place his title onto a mantle on title after putting on a series against Houston. Was the media hype justified? In a way but examine the team and sit down a minute he played. Houston has one of the worst defenses from the FBS. They couldn’t stop anyone so that there are a great deal of quarterbacks who’d have hammered Houston. Then another week that he routed South Dakota an FCS competition, with ease.
Hurts will continue to play dreadful defenses. The numbers will rack up for Hurts, and in this way, the hype is warranted. He simply wouldn’t be receiving this identical hype. His skillset is fantastic for the Big 12, however. Kyler Murray showed what kind of harm a mobile QB can perform. Hurts has accumulated 591 yards and 223 rushing yards. This contains 5 through the air a total of 8 touchdowns and 3 with his legs around the ground.
His next move is to have the interest of NFL teams at the draft. Despite playing defenses that are easier, they are going to enjoy what they find from Hurts. UCLA happen to be playing enough on defense. That has not been their issue. That said, they haven’t played with a good offense. Cincinnati have looked bad far and San Diego State do not have a crime. San Diego State are still an old school offense. Oklahoma are going to go and try to maintain UCLA. I believe they will be successful.
The sole weakness Oklahoma has is defensively. But does UCLA have the firepower to take advantage of the Sooners? And on top of that, must maintain the Sooners’ offense. Thompson-Robinson hasn’t proven anything for the Bruins so far. The crime has failed to create anything consistent despite enjoying Cincinnati and San Diego State.
Thompson-Robinson has passed 3 touchdowns and two interceptions, using an abysmal QB rating of 21.8. The crime ranks 127th in the country with just 240 yards per game. Unexpectedly, the Sooners are 1st using 710 yards and 59.5 points scored per game. This season was likely to function as the breakout party of Thompson-Robinson, but it hasn’t occurred, yet anyhow. I can not see him keeping up with Hurts and business. Search for Oklahoma to pull in the second-half for a 48-21 win or thereabout on Saturday night.

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