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The Best Online Gambling for Olympic Hockey

24/12/2019 in KFIT

Men’s ice hockey has been a staple of the winter Olympics since 1924. In the first days, the sport was mostly dominated by Canada who won six of seven gold medals at the first 3 decades. In this time, Czechoslovakia, Sweden and the US were also major medal contenders.
Back in 1956, the Soviet Union entered a team and took over Canada’s role as the lead force in Olympic baseball, winning seven of nine tournaments they competed in. In 1980 the US team upset the heavily favored Soviets and proceeded on to catch the gold medal. This game is called the Miracle on Iceand is among the most memorable Olympic moments. The International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) voted the Miracle on Iceas the best international hockey story in the previous 100 decades.
It’s easy to see why gambling on olympic hockey is really easy, particularly in online gambling circles. All you need to do is locate the very best online gaming sites that offer some kind of sports betting, and there is a good chance that olympic hockey gambling will probably be there. One such example we prefer to use is Betway Sports since it offers hockey bettors everything they could need from gambling guides and tips on hints on where to get the best bonuses.
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