My KISP Journal 1

My role in the out of ordinary project is being the documentation officer and being also co-publication officer .It was really hard being in that role because you have to take note all the possible information in your selected output or project. And also being in-charge of making our blog site, designing and such.The things I learned from doing the project were being considerate and in order. Also the eagerness and the determination to finish the output. Punctuality, being responsible and helpfulness may add to the list. Our adviser taught also to be dedicated and be true to your work. Also in this project, I learned how to use the movie maker, making and designing a site and other software that may help in finishing our project.The things that I liked most from doing the project was/were taking photos and videos to all the things referring to our projects/outputs. I also loved roaming to other places like the St. Michael Cathedral, the City Hall, and the Anahaw Amphitheater. I also like the most were the fun we experience going to Anahaw Amphitheater and all the laughs and cracking of jokes by my group mates. The most difficult experience while doing the project was/were doing the actual project/output. I mean, making the actual site and finalizing our video. It was the most difficult thing  I experience during the entire time doing our projects because we spent sleepless nights completing our sites. We’ve also encountered numerous errors like our videos are not supported by the computer (in short, it is corrupted) or the site is lacking of relevant information. I’ve also tried to make a video using movie maker and I never thought that it cost much time to finish. Well, I didn’t think it was an obstacle to me, I just think that it was lesson for me to learn.

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