My KISP Journal 1

May 23, 2012 in Uncategorized

Working with anything with my students is always fun-and for me always a memorable activity that time can offer. In the project “Out of the Ordinary” was exciting as it developed my students in terms of creativity, exploration, appreciation, language skills and cooperation.

I learned a lot in this project. In a different level, I learned how to deal with my students and cooperate with them in the tasks given. I learned so much about our city especially “the less visited” spots. Along with this experience, I learned to be thankful of the talents and skills bestowed to my students-indeed, they mirror the perfect creation of God.

Doing this project with my students is fun at the same time a learning experience. And what I like most in this project is the showcasing of my students’ talents and commitment. Also, I love the many great things the students have re-discovered about our beloved city-Iligan in the Philippines.

There are minimal things we met as difficulties like time management and sometimes technical difficulties like internet connections and the like. But in general, at this particular level, this project is a very successful one. Congratulations to the coordinator, Ms. Rhea Febro, to Mr. Dan Capangpangan, to the administrators of ICNHS and MSU-IIT, for UNESCO staff, for MiCEl staff, to Ms. Amy Buan for being our consultant in today’s session, for the parents’ support and most of all to all dear student-participants for making this project a realization. Keep going-we will be “conquering” next  phase of this KISP 2012.


Hello world!

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