My KISP Journal 1

May 23, 2012 in Uncategorized

My role in the out of the ordinary project were being a documentation and publication officer. It was so hard for me being a documentation and publication officer at the same time. But I’ve considered it as a challenge instead of a hindrance. Because for me, considering things as a hindrance will not bring you to success instead it will bring you to your failure just like what the saying goes, “If you give up soon , you’ll never know what you’ll be missing. Don’t stop when you’re tired, stop when you’re done.” I learned many things while doing the project. Things that are such an unforgettable experience for me.The things I learned from doing the project were making and designing websites and  also making a movie maker. It was very hard for me while doing so because  to be honest, it was my first time doing things like such. But, I consider it as an advantage because I already know how to make a website and a movie maker on my own and also I can use that kind of experience in the future.I also liked the things that we were doing on our project but what I liked the most was making and designing our website. For me, it was like I was just playing around while learning new things on my own. The most difficult experience/s I had while doing the project was the fact that my groupmates were not helping me at all. Its just me doing everything I can to make our project presentable. Fortunately, my family was there supporting me all the way through. But  aside from that, making the movie maker was hard for me also because the video of our interview with the owner of Gapnud Collections is not compatible with our movie maker so I still need to convert it to AVI. But hopefully , I had successfully done my endeavors with all my patience through burning the midnight candle in order to finish my task. Imagine all those sleepless nights I have gone through because of that but, I guess it was all worth it.

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