My KISP Journal 1

May 23, 2012 in Uncategorized

1. My role in the out of the ordinary project is a chosen student that is representing Iligan City, Philippines and the extra ordinary business in it.

2. The things I learned from doing the project are doing things that I thought only adults or college students can do. Just like interviewing a business man. I also learned that there really are a lot of artistic people in the country and aren’t yet that exposed. Like Mr. Lorente. His products are made of drifted woods and even the house of a termite, he managed to make it as a design of the chandeliers. I learned that beauty is not only in the straight line but also there is more beauty in curves. I also learned that those we thought that are useless things, are very much useful if you are artistic and resourceful. Most especially, I learned that TEAMWORK is really important. :) )

3. The things that I liked the most from doing the project were taking pictures of the furniture and while we were having our interview with the owner, because he is very entertaining and you’ll really learn a lot from him. He describes each of his products. On how he made it, what is it made of and etc. Aside from that, he even gave us snacks after the interview! HAHA. :) )

4. The most difficult experience/s I had while doing the project was when we were on our way to Gapnud Collections because it is our first time to go there and we don’t exactly know where it is because the address that we had isn’t complete. Besides, it is not that popular like what we thought. At first, we thought it is very easy to find because it is popular and we thought every people in their barangay knows it. Unluckily, only few knew. We really had a hard time on finding the place. We even went to a computer shop ¬†and pay a five-minute time just to search about the gapnud collections and try to look if the address that we had is right and also try if they put their telephone or mobile numbers in their website. Lucky for us! We saw their contact numbers in their website. We went to a “Pay Phone” store and dialed their tel. no. but, uuggh! it’s busy! We dialed again but still busy. We then called their mobile number. At last! They answered. And then we asked for the location until FINALLY! We arrived. It was very awkward to the people there because they have noticed that we are just circling the brgy. like we were going back and fort for how many times already. Anyway, it is WORTH IT. :)

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