My KISP Journal 1

1. My role in the Out of the Ordinary project is being the co-analyst, planner, co-editor, and organizer of my group, Tributes of Iligan. Most of the time, I am the one who collects and arranges our needed information for projects. It’s a bit tough to have to be depended on one of the most important parts of each project but I try to do my best. (^v^)

2. The things I learned from doing the project are numerous _Ο). I never knew that our city had a beautiful place for hiking and such. In fact, this project was my first time to explore the Buhanginan Hill. I was only able to see the Main Government Building at the top of the hill once when I went with my father there. Before, I always thought that the hill was very mysterious because I never really climbed it. Now, I realize that the hill was more than just a hill, but rather it is a wonderful site where people can relax and enjoy nature (ÔuÔ).

3. The things I liked most from doing the project were exploring the hill and spending time with my friends. The sites found at the hill were amazing. They were so beautiful and so relaxing, I never imagined a place as clean and natural like the hill even existed in Iligan City. It was even more fun when I spent my time with my friends making the project. The project was really fun (^ω^).

4. The most difficult experience I had while doing the project was allowing people to photograph me. I don’t really like being photographed but I had to. It was also hard for me to keep smiling for the camera (-_-;). My mouth hurt when I waited for Giannina to finish taking pictures when we did our exploration of the hill (>Δ<).

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