My KISP Journal 1

May 23, 2012 in Uncategorized

1. My role in the out of the ordinary project is a Publication Officer. Its hard and difficult for me to become a publication officer because its in my hand how the success of my group will be.

2. The things I learned from doing the project that I never expected because I tought only Mediamen can do it, to make a project like making a commercial video. Because of this I learned to make things that represents why Filipino people have strong belief in God!. This is the time also I feel the TEAMWORK! to reach our goal of success. By this project I learned  that if we have made mistakes, the more knowledge to come. :)

3.The things that I liked most from doing the project was/were taking a video shoot in St. Michael Cathedral and Anahaw Amphitheater with my groupmates, generally FRIENDS. We explore St. Michael Cathedral to became our background scene and to show it to everybody, especially our dear friends in Korea,China, and Canada.

4. The most difficult experience/s I had while doing project was doing the final retouch of our Video because as my role to become a Publication Officer its my duty to beautify our project. It became difficult for me to finish our video because its my first time to use the program and as expected  Mistakes!Mistakes!Misatakes!. But I never,never give up I and We my groupmates overcome the difficulties we’ve meet during the making of our project. Now, you can see our simple but I asure you it will help you, our simple Video and Website(♥. :)


Hello world!

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