My role in the out of the ordinary projects is Publication officer. It is very hard being in that role because it really needs a computer in order to publish ones project but in the help of my mother i made it good and perfect.The thing I learned from doing the project were being obedient and responsible in publishing our project. Being an obedient in our group is the most important aspect that i learned in these project because i must follow what my group mates say to avoid argue and also to make our output nice and perfect. I also learned how to make a blog post and other design we applied in our blog and video.  The things that i like most from doing the project was/were editing our video and blog because it is fun to explore the application.And I like also to visit other places here in Iligan with my group mates and there parents. The most difficult experience/s I had while doing project was the communicating with my group mates because they were Islam and I am not. it is also difficult for me to find some internet cafe to publish the project but its ok.

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