Digital Camera in Classroom

Why use digital camera in classroom?
Digital cameras have many benefits for classroom applications. First, they are reasonably priced thus more affordable. Second, they are easy to use. Most cameras just use a regular memory card that can be inserted into computer and the photos can be transferred easily to computer. Or just connect the camera’s USB cable to the computer and print the photos directly. Third, the quality is good. Digital cameras can be used for yearbook quality pictures. With the right printer, there is little difference between digital and standard pictures. Fourth, some digital cameras can record short video clips. And last, students love using new “techie” equipment like digital cameras.

(by Charlotte Anderson, Using Digital Cameras for Classroom Projects)

Ways to use digital camera in classroom

  • illustrate steps in a procedure, to aid in writing “how to” paragraphs
  • use a photo as a prompt for narrative or descriptive writing
  • school newspaper, class newspaper or newsletter
  • graphics for written reports and presentations
  • write letters to pen pals and others (such as reading buddies in another grade), inserting photos
  • send photos via e-mail to electronic pen pals
  • e-mail class updates to parents, with attached photos
  • class books – write a class novel with live-action photos as illustrations
  • take photos of students and let them write about themselves
  • take photos on field trips, to aid in writing about them later
  • publicize a class play or project
  • and many more!

(by Dr. Terence Cavanaugh, Digital Cameras in Education)

Ideas on how to integrate digital camera in classroom